Love Notes to a Friend

Tricia Lynn McCauley (1970-2016) was an herbalist, actress, yoga teacher, potion maker, astrologer, and lover of life. In the 1990s, she co-founded The Theatre Conspiracy, one of D.C.'s first feminist theater companies. She later developed her own line of all-natural body care, Leafyhead Lotions & Potions, and District Devil, skin and beard-care for men. Tricia embodied the wisdom, beauty, and mystery of the Goddess. She leaves behind a legacy of plants, connection and love, Love, LOVE!

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During my standard process of reading play submissions, a very dear friend was raped and killed over the Christmas holiday. Her name was Tricia McCauley and I loved her very much. Over the past 20 years she was always right there cheering on my next bold idea. I can’t tell you how strange it will be to not have her holding a seat in the house this year, or in any year ahead. It’s devastating.

So, we are dedicating the whole year to her.

Deborah Randall and Tricia McCauley

Deborah Randall and Tricia McCauley

tricia mccauley: health insurance for theatre professional

Tricia was passionate about many things, including nutrition, herbalism, gardening, yoga, and theatre.  She harnessed that passion and became a consummate professional in all these areas. What’s more, she was always a teacher and mentor to others, encouraging them to pursue their passions no matter what the obstacle.  A running concern for her was that, being self-employed, she was often without health insurance.  When she qualified for health insurance under the actors' union, Actors Equity Association, it was a huge relief to her. Unfortunately, that’s an option for only a few theatre professionals, so there’s a great need for a wider safety net.  We want to help other people who are working in DC theatre get this essential protection so that they can create theatre throughout their lifetime, no matter what their circumstances. We also want to continue the work she did to build a vibrant and lasting theatre community in Washington, DC. The ultimate intent is to create a fund in perpetuity that can help as many as possible.


nutricia consulting

Tricia’s light touched so many lives, in so many different ways — through yoga and theater, farming and counseling, love and laughter, family and friendship. Her death is a heartbreaking loss for our community. You can find some of her thoughts on health, nutrition, and joyful living at her blog


Leafyhead legacy

Tricia created a 'field to face' product line called Leafyhead Lotions & Potions. The remaining inventory of her products are sold through Etsy, LeafyheadLegacy. Proceeds will support charitable causes in her honor. 

Maria in On Approval at the Washington Stage Guild, with Megan Dominy

Maria in On Approval at the Washington Stage Guild, with Megan Dominy