Please note: All play submissions will be read in the month of December 2019.

We prefer two acts, if possible, so we can sell things at intermission to pay the bills.


  • must empower women

  • MUST HAVE a majority of female characters

  • must be plays (not music or video projects)

  • must have dynamic tension built into each scene

  • are made with the understanding that the playwright will never be the director and vice versa

Online Submissions:  Please submit an introductory paragraph, a synopsis and script to:

SUBMIT: Open dates. Plays will be read in December.

ROYALTY: If selected playwrights will receive a percentage of box office sales under the Dramatists Guild contractual guidelines.

ELIGIBILITY: Full length plays are preferred. MUST have strong female characters with interesting storylines.

GENRE: Drama or Comedy for adult audiences.

CAST SIZE: Cast size is limited to no more than seven actors. (please do not submit scripts without this breakdown specified in the case of multiple roles)

SPACE:  The Venus Theatre Play Shack seats 30 audience members, alley staging, immersion theatre.

TO BE INCLUDED WITH EVERY SUBMISSION: A biography and/or author’s history of the play, character breakdown, and brief description or synopsis of the play.

SUBMISSION FEE:  No fee. One submission per reading period.

Physical Submissions and complete outline of guidelines:

SUBMISSION FORM: All scripts must be firmly bound. No changes or revisions accepted after submission. No double-sided pages.

PLAYS RETURNED: The play should be accompanied by a manuscript size SASE with appropriate postage. If there is no manuscript size SASE, the play will not be returned. Please do not include loose cash, stamps, labels or metered postage. A SAS Post Card should be included if you want acknowledgment of arrival. If you do NOT want your manuscript returned, but want a response letter of our decision, include a #10 SASE. If no SASE’s are included with your submission, it will be discarded at time of rejection. If we are interested in your play, we will contact you by phone, email, or mail. Please include the name, address, email, and phone number of author on the title page.

HANDLING: All scripts will be handled with care, but Venus Theatre will not assume responsibility for lost or damaged scripts.



Venus Theatre Company

The Venus Theatre Play Shack

21 C Street

Laurel, MD 20707