"God Don’ Like Ugly, is as close to true art as the modern theatre can ever aspire to."

- Michael Poandl, DC Theatre Metro Arts

"Evocative, gripping work that pulls at the heartstrings, tears at the mind, and wends its way to shake up the soul..."

- Amanda Gunther, Theatre Bloom

"Laurel, Maryland seems like a trek—with nearly 20 whole miles between it and the glamour of downtown DC, with it’s flashy, national venues like Arena Stage and Kennedy Center—but it’s a journey worth taking; Venus Theatre reminds us with God Don’ Like Ugly not only what art is, but how it can be made anywhere and with anything. Half an old VW Bug, a rickety screen door, some shabby furniture, and about 500 square feet can spin magic in the right hands.
The right hands being those that belong to an exquisite cast, a gifted director, and a poetic wordsmith.
Whether or not God likes ugly doesn’t matter. This show is anything but and one of the best in the DMV this year."

Kelly McCorkendale, DC Theatre Scene

"... the play takes the audience on an intense journey through a one-time special day for a family that takes many twists and turns along a road, ending up tragic for some and a freedom experience for others."

- Gwendolyn Glenn, Baltimore Sun 

"Venus artistic director Deborah Randall’s staging makes a lot of Esme’s high-spirited singing, and that unbridled expressiveness is intriguingly suggestive next to the controlled wariness of Fraistat’s S.J. There’s a sense of mystery and no lack of urgency; your heart goes out to these characters." 

- Nelson Pressley, Washington Post

Venus Theatre is among the longest running women's theaters in the world. 

Legitimate Off-Off Broadway
— Washington Post

2015 Season

Feral 15: Feminist Fables with no strings attached

The box office is open and the plays begin in March!


Meet the playwrights: Doc Andersen-Bloomfield, Cecelia Racker, Claudia Barnett, and Amy Bernstein

Venus Play Shack

Venus Play Shack

Photo by: Adam Lowe


 Venus Theatre is committed to setting flight to the voices of women and children. 

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