by Doruntina Basha and directed by Deborah Randall, runs September 19 - October 13

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Although the word Kosovo is intentionally absent from the script, the play begins long after the end of the war, on the anniversary of a disappearance.

The Finger draws its impetus from a vacuum, from a family bereft, and the implacable dynamics between two women. In it, a disappearance calls for-and exacts-rituals in the gap between life and death. The Finger by Doruntina Basha

there’s no connection between your head, your heart, and your hands...”
— The Finger

The work is a result of a collaborative iteration.

Process is key and therefore so is the experienced artist critical in this way of being. An iteration is never about the final destination, rather about exploration that finds a collective voice in a fire-like response to the situations of the world in a given moment. 



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